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Some small business owners believe that a logo design is both unnecessary and out of their reach—that it is something for only large corporations. But the importance of a smart logo design for a small business can not be underestimated. It is the cornerstone for building a brand—whether you invest in your brand or not, you are creating your brand at every moment. Do any of the logos (see graphic) look familiar?  Of course they do!  That is proof that a logo is extremely important to building brand awareness.  It is essential for your brand to convey a positive image or feeling in the minds of your customers.

Think about this... if branding was not important, why do so many companies do it? If branding and logos were not important, we would live in a world of generic products. Today branded packaging takes up the majority of shelf space at retail stores. The reason for this is much more complex than the fact that people like to look at colorful packages.

Logos and branding are very important in establishing relationships with new customers. If a customer is searching for a lawn services company, for example, and he comes across two companies on Google—one that does not have a professional logo design and one that does—which company do you think is more appealing?  How many times have you chosen one product/service over another just because of the professional image/appealing logo?  You are like many other small business owners, you spend your money on what you believe is of excellence and value.

The company with a logo has an advantage because a professional logo design conveys a feeling of trust… and trust is a big reason why customers initiate a relationship with you/your company. Most people are willing to pay more to have a relationship with a trusted company, as opposed to working with an unknown, generic entity.

Even if your company’s office is in your spare bedroom, or in a building that no one ever sees, if your business cards, website, and marketing materials reflect a professional image, your business will appear more established and successful.  Investing in a logo design for your small business can really pay off for your business over time—and these days, it’s both affordable and easy to do yourself. Upgrade your company’s image today and you will reap the benefits of building a positive brand for your business in the future.

Contact us today via email or phone.  Let us help you design or redesign your company logo.  The Woodlands Marketing Group sincerely appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.



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